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    We officially have a new name for our Primary School: Welcome to Maple Grove Primary School!


This is our year 5 project 'On The Line' created with Christopher Harrup.

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These children were star of the week this week.  They have worked exceptionally hard and contributed to a fun and happy learning environment.  Well done children.  We are proud of you. PITSEA PROUD


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  • Monday 20th April 2015
    Monday 6th July 2015

    Good morning: after a weekend of sunshine and storms it's great to be at school in the sunny (but not scorching!) weather again.

    Last week was a really eventful one. Year 6 had an awesome time at Danbury. They behaved really well and actually didn't sleep as badly as other years. I'm sure they have been telling their families all about it (and we will try to get some of the more entertaining moments into their leavers' assembly!). I must extend a huge thank you to all of the staff who came and especially those who were there for the whole 3 days. Their energy and enthusiasm really helped to make this year one of the best.

    Many of our year 6 children are spending time at their Secondary schools in preparation for next year. Although it is always a sad time for us, seeing them leave, I'm sure that they are all well-prepared for this move. 

    Year 3 and 4 have gone to explore Wat Tyler Country Park today. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful resource on our doorstep. They will be looking at local wildlife, sketching, playing team building games and lots lots more. 

    This week is Art Week across the whole of the primary school to-be. Each class has a different focus: for some it is a particular artist; others have a location or type of animal. Children will be working in  their own classes from Mon-Weds, then swapping with a class from the other Key Stage (the infants) on Thursday, to complete a joint piece of art. All of their finished masterpieces will be on display in the halls during Exhibition Evening next week.

    Don't forget that this Friday is Sports Day! This will be a whole day event and parents are welcome to join us for the whole day. At lunch time your child will be able to join you on the field for a picnic (weather permitting) and the school meals for that day will be able to be taken outside too. Unfortunately we are not able to provide lunch for parents. If you are not able to attend, your child can either eat with their class teacher or eat with another family who they know well. Don't forget hats, suncream and plenty of water for the children, for any siblings, and for yourselves. If it is very warm we will endeavour to provide as many shaded areas as possible.

    Finally, have a great week, keep an eye on the diary dates for all the up-coming events and enjoy the last couple of weeks before a well-earned break.

    Mrs Donoghue

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Order: 99, AlbumID: 69, Date: 23/06/2015 10:12:15

Order: 99, AlbumID: 69, Date: 23/06/2015 10:12:15



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