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  • Coding

    This week our children have entered the world of CODING.  As part of the new ICT curriculum, children are learning coding skills.  This is where they create new worlds and games that respond to buttons and commands that they set.  They have had lots of fun doing this and will continue with it up until half term.


This is our year 5 project 'On The Line' created with Christopher Harrup.

Our Stars of the Week

These children were star of the week this week.  They have worked exceptionally hard and contributed to a fun and happy learning environment.  Well done children.  We are proud of you. PITSEA PROUD

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  • Sunday 13th July 2014
    New Blog Post

    Friday September 19th

    Mr Reddy tweeted a picture of his class reading a David Walliam's book today and it was retweeted by David Walliam's himself! That is amazing-check it out yourselves and follow the school on twitter@PitseaJuniorSch. Well done Mr Reddy.

    Years 3 and 4 enjoyed some Iron age drama workshops this week-photos are on the Home page.There are some really talented children at the school-watch this space especially as we are planning 'Mary Poppins' for our Christmas production this year. The choir had their first session this week and are already sounding beautiful,  many members of staff from all around the school came to listen to them rehearsing.

    5/6 KF were the first to trial the new swimmimg arrangements at Basildon Lower Academy -it was a resounding success.

    We have an artist, Lisa Smith, visiting next week. She is going to plan some exciting activities with the staff to commemorate World War 1. We are providing her with some artefacts that the school have from 100 years ago, which will be included in an exhibhition at Wat Tyler. It opens on Saturday 27th September-details will be included on our newsletter next week.

    Meet the Teacher is this week on Friday 26th September at 2.15pm. Please come and join us if you are able to.

    Have a great week

    Kind regards

    Mrs Dunne



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